One of the biggest highlights of over 50 years of the REVIVAL FIRES MINISTRY was providing almost 300,000 Bibles for our troops  in war-torn Iraq and Afghanistan!


At the request of the Chief Chaplains at the Pentagon, the Revival Fires Ministry has provided these Bibles for our troops, bravely serving our country! These Bibles were air-lifted to our troops by military transport.  It is reported that the suicide rate of those in the military, dropped drastically in the years the Revival  Fires Ministry was involved in this exciting Bible distribution!


U.S. troops  in Afghanistan, are thrilled to display their Bibles, given to them by the Revival Fires Ministry! Many changed lives have come from this Bible distribution program.”Thousands partnered in this very worthy Bible effort”, says Dr. Todd.




Chaplain  Meredith Standley, congratulates Dr. Todd and his partners, at his office at the Pentagon, in Washington,  D.C., for providing so many Bibles for our troops!  “I was given a tour of the Pentagon and treated royally by everyone”, says Dr. Todd.



This true  story just in from Bagdad  (Fox News) will touch your heart… “Twenty year old Army Private First Class, Brendan Schweigart of Andover, N.Y. had his Bible (provided for him by his Chaplain) tucked in his inside pocket, beneath his bulletproof shield. He was shot by the enemy with a high powered rifle while  on a mission in Iraq. THIS BIBLE SAVED HIS LIFE! It shielded the bullet from his heart! The bullet was stopped in the pages  of his Bible! “Give glory and praise to God! Cecil Todd says, “I’m praying that this powerful testimony of Brendan Schweigart’s will inspire many others to help provide the Bibles we need for our troops!”



The REVIVAL FIRES MINISTRY partnered with WORLD MISSIONS ALLIANCE, directed by one of Cecil’s four sons, Chuck & Helen Todd, to help build one of China’s largest church buildings … seven stories tall! Two churches call this building “home” for their congregations. Living quarters for their Ministers – Evangelists are also located in this building!


Russian General Slava Borisovredline

He is a former atheist, Communist and persecutor of Christians!  Now he is an Associate Pastor of a church in Moscow!  He has traveled across  America to help provide over two million Bibles for Russia’s  Military!

General Borisov has spoken twice at THE PENTAGON, once to the “PROMISE KEEPERS” in Dallas, TX, and several times  at the Grand Palace-REVIVAL FIRES CAMP MEETINGS in Branson, Mo.

CECIL TODD baptizes General Slava Borisov into Christ in a portable baptistry, provided by A.R.M. MINISTRY, at Lakewood Church in Branson West, Mo, Pastored by Cecil Wayne Todd, one of Dr. Todd’s four sons!


The signing of a “DOCUMENT OF AGREEMENT” by Dr. Cecil Todd, two Russian  Generals and two Lt. Colonels. This “AGREEMENT” enabled  Revival Fires to distribute TWO MILLION Bibles to Russia’s  Red Army!

This is an on-going mission’s project!  If you wish to help with this amazing  opportunity, call the Revival Fires offices, Branson West, Mo., at 417-272-3660


 REVIVAL FIRES built the first CHAPEL OF WORSHIP on a military base in Moscow, Russia. Hundreds of Russian soldiers wait outside for their turn to go in and worship. Four chapels have been completed by Revival Fires. Each chapel is on, or near a military base.


A large crowd (over 2,000) of Russia’s military gather (in Moscow) to hear a dynamic message by DR.  CECIL TODD. This auditorium was emptied and filled again with another 2,000 soldiers for a second service! Russian New Testaments were given to nearly five thousand  soldiers  that day!


A portion of the crowd of ONE MILLION, gather for Russia’s first “May Day” Celebration, on Russia’s “Red Square” after the “iron Curtain” came down. DR. TODD was the keynote speaker for this historic occasion. “This event was called one of the top ten religious events of that year (1992)”, says Todd.



CECIL TODD (R) and P.V. ALEXANDER, missionary to Kerala State, India, together at a banquet.  P.V. is a graduate of Johnson Bible College, near Knoxville, TN., and a tireless worker for God’s Kingdom.


P.V. ALEXANDER and CECIL TODD kneel in front of a portion of the 140 doctors and nurses (behind them) that work at MERCY (MISSION) HOSPITAL in Valakom, India.



Almost 200 students are in training each year to be RN’s at this advanced training facility, “Mercy College of Nursing” in Valakom, Kerala State, India. They have chapel services daily. “This could not have been built, had it not been that Revival Fires provided most of the funds (over $1 million!) for this Nurses Training Center.


This impressive four-story, 300 bed, MERCY MISSION HOSPITAL and a two story “OUT-PATIENT” CLINIC, is located in Valakom, Kerala State, India.”No hospital in India treats more hurting and poor people than this hospital”, says P.V. Alexander. A sign erected on the grounds says, “This is the hospital that God (and not Todd!) has built! Cecil Todd requested P.V. to put up this sign in English and the Indian language! Dr. Todd says, “Revival Fires is honored to be used  of God to build this hospital to help  hurting people and to win the lost souls to Jesus Christ!”


CECIL and LINDA TODD pose with the precious and orphaned children at one of the two Revival Fires JESUS LOVES ME” homes in Kerala State, India! The two JESUS LOVES ME” homes have been built and sponsored by the Revival Fires Ministry partners!
Over fifty children are cared for every day, says Todd.


One of OVER 65 CHURCH BUILDINGS, built by the Revival Fires Ministry and sponsored by P.V. Alexander and his crew. They are located across Kerala State, India. Over 150 congregations of Christians depend on P .V. , each month, for their support.
REVIVAL FIRES is a ministry of faith that depends daily upon God and His people to keep the “fires” of revival burning around the world!